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Safety function experiment of automatic assembly machine 2021-01-20
With the development of sensor technology, in order to support the operation capacity of further production of automatic equipment machine, ready for industrial production of robots, beginning to increase, automatic equipment machine connection safety test function is the next it is as follows.

A. Finishing signal of automatic equipment mold:

After automatic entry in a mold equipment equipment, automatic equipment machine can manually enter the monitor screen, the display finished mold.

2. Unless the automatic equipment is turned over, the alarm of the robot (OFF signal after turning over the form) will not work.

3. Adjust your speed.

4. Reset detection.


5. Be able to confirm the mold after taking out the product.

6. Ensure power supply, air pressure source and other power supply are properly connected.

B. Automatic equipment is in manual condition, and the mold is opened to the end.
You can join signals in closed form.

Use the robot to set up the automatic machine. Assuming it is necessary for the injection molding machine to be able to move the movable mold, the automatic machine will not be open.

Assume that the injection molding machine can move the active template, turn on the power supply, the system into the main screen for robot positioning.



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