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Examination and Acceptance

The check and acceptance procedure is very important for delivery successfully to make sure the machines are all perfect before delivery.

1.  The standard of check and acceptance:production capacity and quality acceptance.

2.  The place of check and acceptance in the factory of Sinuowei. The check and acceptance procedure is following to concerted technical agreement. For example, the equipment makes the 8000pcs products continuously. It shall meet the following indicators. Production efficiency not less than 900 pieces per hour. Acceptance of equipment failure rate shall be less than 0.5% but not including the shutdown due to the imperfect feeding parts.

Technical Training

Sinuowei will provide the training of equipment technical for our client before the equipment to be delivery. In the period of the machine is assembling and debugging or after the equipment to be accepted, the buyer can send some own technicians over the factory of seller for systematic training and the contents are as follows:

1.  The cognition and operation of equipment;

2.  The replacement of fixture tools;

3.  The familiarity and operation of control system program;

4.  The contents of daily maintenance;

5.  The method of fault diagnosis and maintenance.

Quality Assurance

1.  Equipment warranty period: Within 12 months from the date of the final acceptance of the equipment on the factory of Sinuowei.

2.  Excellent service continues after delivery. After the warranty period, the Seller shall guarantee that the replacement parts only charge the cost and time.

3.  During the warranty period, if there have any problem with the machine which client can't solve by themselves. Sinuowei will actively assist client to solve the problem by the way of telephone communication, video phone, etc. If necessary, Sinuowei will send our professional technicians to clients’ factories for assistance.



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