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  • SIA2021 The 19th Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Industrial Robot Exhibition 2021-03-10
    About SIA China Welcome to the 19th Shanghai international industrial automation and industrial robot exhibition (SIA) China) this exhibition will fully display industrial automation technology, industrial assembly and transmission technology, industrial robot machine and parts, machine vision industrial applications, AGV unmanned handling, smart factory solutions, industrial automation comprehens...
  • What are the uses of automatic assembly equipment 2021-02-27
    Many enterprises define non-standard automation equipment as non-standard equipment, which is not manufactured according to the unified industry standards and Specifications issued by the state. In fact, this understanding is correct. Generally, non-standard automation equipment is designed and manufactured according to their own needs. In this way, the non-standard automation equipment is general...
  • Prospect of manufacturing process of non standard automatic assembly equipment 2021-01-30
    Non standard automatic assembly machine also belongs to the field of automatic machinery. But the difference is that its production is not as simple as the production of standard equipment. Non standard automatic assembly machine is a kind of non-standard automatic equipment customized according to customer requirements. It is designed and customized automatic mechanical equipment according to the...
  • Which industries need to apply non-standard automation equipment 2021-01-30
    Automation equipment covers a wide range of industries, including hardware, electronics, automobile, textile, chemistry, food and medicine, manufacturing and installation of automobile parts in automobile manufacturing industry, production and transportation of packaging in food industry, The product transportation of electronic and electrical production lines and storage facilities in logistics i...
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