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  • Specification, size and model of hose clamp 2022-01-04
    Specification, size and model of throat hoop: 0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, etc. 1. The bandwidths of throat hoops are 12.7mm and 14.2mm respectively. The main difference between German type hose clamp and American type hose clamp is non perforation. Non perforation and flanging design can protect the hose surface from damage. Features: balanced torque, uniform pressure, can provide stable and safe fa...
  • Maintenance of system control cabinet 2021-12-27
    Maintenance of system control cabinet 1. Maintenance content 1) Check the heat dissipation of the controller It is forbidden to cover the controller with plastic or other materials; Sufficient space (> 120mm) shall be reserved at the back and side of the controller; the position of the controller shall not be close to the heat source; sundries shall not be placed on the top of the controller; t...
  • Clamp tube bundle 2021-12-20
    working principle Clamp type flexible pipe fittings have a unique sealing principle. The following is only described by krhd clamp type flexible large clearance pipe joint: (1) Sealing principle: The clamp type flexible pipe joint has a unique sealing principle. Its unique C-type rubber sealing ring and unique connection mode make it have triple sealing effect: a. Primary seal The rubber sealing r...
  • The British Hose clamp 2021-12-13
    Features of British type hose clamp Label: stainless steel Hose clamp torque British hose clamp: the main feature is that the bandwidth is 11.7mm; The driving teeth are milled by a milling machine rather than stamped. Therefore, the inner ring is smooth. British carbon steel pipe hoop, British stainless steel pipe hoop, red, green and blue paint head pipe hoop. Thick walled pipes with a pipe diame...
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