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  • How energy storage battery PACK production line manufacturers achieve industry leadership position 2024-03-29
    Against the backdrop of the booming global new energy industry, energy storage battery PACK production line manufacturers are ushering in unprecedented opportunities and challenges. As an important link between cell manufacturing and end-use applications, these manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the degree of production automation, process precision, and product quality to meet marke...
  • Hose Clamp Market Overview 2023-12-14
    "Hose Clamps Market" is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, primarily driven by the growing demand for (Automobile, General Industry, Water Treatment, Others), Based on the type, the market can be segmented into (Screw/Band (Worm Gear) Clamps, Spring Clamps, Wire Clamps, Ear Clamps, Others). The report presents the research and analysis provided within the Hose Clamps Marke...
  • Worm Gear Clamp Machine automatic asseembly with housing band and screws
    Worm Gear Clamp Machine automatic asseembly with housing band and screws 2023-12-01
    Product Description Professional Worm Drive Jubilee Clip Worm Gear Clip Worm Drive Clamp British America German Type Hose Clamp Automatic Assembly Making Machine This hose clamp machine can automatically assemble hose clamps through straight lines and turntables. All parts such as screws, connecting bars, clamps and hoses are assembled by rolling and locking by the machine. Sinuowei's machine and ...
  • What is laser cutting? 2023-11-16
    What is laser cutting? Laser cutting is a high precision CNC thermal process that uses a high-power laser beam to cut, melt, or burn a material sheet. It uses a focussed beam of light to cut and etch sheet material to the design specification. Ideal for a variety of material types (including metals, wood and polymers), it is capable of producing complicated parts without using a custom-designed to...
  • Intelligent laser equipment cutting technology, help the development of the apparel industry 2023-11-10
    In such an era of rapid development of the Internet - the Internet of everything, the manufacturing industry in line with market development, adjusting production capacity transformation and upgrading is the general trend. Intelligent and flexible production in the garment industry with intelligent fast response, on-demand production and personalised customisation is the new mode of garment manufa...
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