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Hose Clamp Classification (1) ---Automatic Big American Hose Clamp Making Machine
Our company mainly produces automatic hose clamp assembly machine.

The appearance of the equipment looks very similar.

We named it based on the output hose clamp to be produced by machine.

What's the Big American Type Hose Clamp?
Features are as follows:

1.The stainless steel band with the hollowing out design;

2. The big America hose clamp consists of three or four parts: hosing/strap/screws or hosing/clip/strap/screws.

3. The width of the strap should be 11.7mm

How to get the quotation of the machine from us?

1. Show us the picture of your hose clamp;

Provide us the picture and then we can recognize the type of hose clamp. The machine of price can be shown to client.

2. You shall have your own design of hose clamp;

We are automatic machine manufacturer;

We are not hose clamp supplier.

We need your draw of hose clamp to design the automatic machine.

3. The semi-finish product shall be provide by client;

Our machine request the parts of hose clamp must within tolerance range.

After machine to be assembled, client shall provide us sufficient quantity those parts as testing sample.

Machine appearance look like the picture as below:

Automatic hose clamp making machine

The order process is more complex than other machines.

Our machine is non-standard machine. Every machine is different.

Client requirement is the basement of price.

Welcome to contact with us to know more details.

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Sinuowei-Foreign Trade Dept.
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