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How to use infrared sensor in safety protection of automatic assembly machine 2020-09-15
The degree of industrial automation is getting higher and higher, but there are still many hidden safety hazards when people and machines work together.

Safety protection is indispensable in the automatic assembly machine. Therefore, on the one hand, workers' safety can be maintained by strengthening safety standard operation and knowledge education.
On the other hand, all kinds of maintenance facilities are set up in risk situations to maintain the personal safety of relevant operators.

Meanwhile, infrared safe light curtain is a kind of common equipment used for non-touch maintenance.
The safety light curtain USES the light announced by the infrared sensor to form an induction "net" in the certain space, and then maintains the safety of human body entering the area.

In general, an IR security screen consists of a number of pairs of INFRARED transmitting tubes and receivers, each of which is located around two hostile surfaces in the maintenance area.

Because of the invisibility of infrared light, light emitted by multiple infrared sensors and directed at the receiver will form an interwoven maintenance network in space.

As soon as an external invasion enters the maintenance network, perhaps the light is blocked in the masking plan of the maintenance network, the infrared receiver can immediately respond, and then send the signal to the corresponding mechanical equipment immediately through the internal control line.


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