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What are the characteristics and advantages of automatic assembly machine 2020-08-29
What are the advantages of automatic assembly machines? In 2016 alone, the sales volume of industrial robots in China reached 90,000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 31%. Meanwhile, the sales volume of robots in the international scope also made great progress.

With the higher requirements of customers on production power, in order to adjust the production products at any time, the combination of flexible production line requirements, promote the manufacturing industry chain has to quickly to automation and intelligent transformation promotion

Fierce market competition forces manufacturing enterprises to tighten their production costs. Various stakeholders demand more environmentally friendly production and higher requirements for protecting workers' health. Building intelligent factories has become the future direction of industrial promotion and progress.

With the advance of the quality of people's days, the demand for industrial products is growing, the labor intensity of workers is also growing, the cost of human resources is soaring.

The structural shortage of labor force and the rising cost of manpower are obvious, more manufacturing enterprises are troubled by the above problems.

Throat hoop machine

The emergence of automatic assembly machine, so that these enterprises have a headache to solve the problem of convenient, efficient automatic production, excellent quality assurance, compared with the traditional manufacturing industry obviously cheap cost.
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These advantages make automatic assembly machines in the Yangtze River Delta, The Pearl River Delta and other industrial frontier areas very hot, most of the high-tech enterprises may now be on the road to intelligent.

The assembly of machinery and equipment is still the best choice of automatic equipment to carry out the equipment, so no matter in the moment is still in the power of the whole is very high, as for the related advantages introduced below:automatic assembly machine

1 low cost, if we manually choose equipment and machinery, spend time and energy are a lot of, and if you can choose automatic equipment machine is useful to reduce the cost;

In the process of the practice of equipment is very easy, or can be said that the real sense can ensure the effect of equipment and practice of power.

2. The automatic equipment machine from the point of view of all equipment time is very fast, now no matter what kind of equipment we are expected to be in accordance with the normal procedures of equipment, and if in the time can be useful to shorten;

In the practice of the equipment process we can see is not the best, improve the power is the best, we are all recognized.

Features of automatic equipment:

1. It can save manpower and financial resources, and bring the cost of materials and manpower to the enterprise, and the operation power is also very high.
The auto assembler has many advantages and some disadvantages

2. The equipment is relatively stable and reliable, with high accuracy and great advantages over artificial equipment.


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