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Application and development trend of automation in manufacturing industry 2020-07-25
Automation technology has become the key technology to promote the current social development. It has been applied in all walks of life, bringing huge application benefits to all industries.
With the rapid development of economy and science and technology, automation technology has been constantly updated and its application in the industry has become more and more mature. The application of integrated technology and intelligent equipment in China's industrial manufacturing has greatly improved production efficiency.

Integrated automation technology, integrated automation technology is one of the most important content of industrial automation technology, integrated automation technology application is built on the technology of original information technology, through to the original information technology to improve, constantly optimize and improve the mechanical manufacturing process, to adapt to the production and development of the current state of the industrial manufacturing.
The integrated automation technology is not only an improvement of the original information technology, but also the application of the technology can relate the key information in the machinery production with the automation technology, promoting the development of the mechanical integration engineering.
The application of integrated automation technology to the development of computer technology is closely related and has been widely recognized in China's industrial manufacturing industry.
The application of integrated automation technology in industrial manufacturing can not only help enterprises to better manage various industrial manufacturing, but also help enterprises to achieve higher economic benefits.

Flexible automation technology, as a new automation technology, the application of flexible automation technology can effectively improve the automation degree of industrial manufacturing production, but also can realize the intelligent operation of industrial manufacturing production.
Flexible automation technology based on the development of computer information technology, on the basis of the expanding application of this technology in industrial manufacturing, flexible automation technology development and application level has been greatly promoted, has become in the development of industrial production and one of the most key technology, flexible automation technology, as the representative of new and high technology, promote the continuous development and progress of machinery manufacturing industry in China.

Intelligent automation technology applies artificial intelligence technology and neural network technology at the same time. It can simulate and control a process in the field of industrial manufacturing, so that the control and operating system of industrial manufacturing can achieve functions similar to human brain and timely collect and analyze information and data.
Intelligent automation technology combines artificial intelligence technology with machinery manufacturing process for the first time. The realization of this technology greatly reduces the cost input in industrial manufacturing production, fundamentally improves the production efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises, and is very beneficial to control the production process of enterprises.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, the adoption of industrial software to achieve more efficient management of the entire production process and more automated production is also the basis for an enterprise to develop towards a more advanced direction such as "Industry 4.0". Therefore, automation technology is not an unnecessary "rib".
In fact, both high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and typical automated production technologies such as ERP and MES are the cornerstone for enterprises to develop towards Industry 4.0.

Automation or Industry 4.0, different companies have different paths

Industry 4.0's transformation of the entire manufacturing industry is not only at the technical level, but more importantly, it can change the production mode of the existing manufacturing industry, and the shift from the previous B2C mode to C2B, a demand-oriented business model, is of greater significance to the entire industry.

Whether an enterprise or an industry needs Industry 4.0 is entirely based on the attributes of the industry, because from the perspective of business, how to make enterprises obtain higher profits and better development is the supreme truth.
From this logic, it can be said that many companies do not seem to need Industry 4.0 very much.

Such as fertilizer plant or cement plant not directly for this kind of application of consumer, this kind of product of the enterprise is not high to the requirement of personalized, they only need to improve on the production efficiency and economic benefits, achieve the goal of enterprise survival can continue to develop, so this kind of enterprise to the requirement of technology may only need to achieve full automation.

The trend toward de-automation: integration with other emerging technologies

Red sea in any single industry are easy to become a reality, even the unique technology, inevitably will introduce more investors, funds tend to profit - nature, how to break through the red sea and into the ocean in the past, so, just simple, where the crossover, you will see a different world, in the field of traditional automobile engine, we almost had to is hard to seek breakthrough, however, electric cars, broke through the traditional car in engine materials, design, processing and other aspects of technical barriers, self-driving technology also makes the car is heading for a new blue ocean, these are all cross-border fusion results.

Based on large data analysis, we can extend our competitiveness, the original equipment, extends to the equipment service, and through the feedback data to optimize our production and manufacturing, which makes the traditional mechanical manufacturing and automation equipment industry can gain new profit space, and better attract and hold customers.

New technology brings not only convenience and cost savings, but also the birth of a new profit model.

Automation itself is the red sea, however, artificial intelligence technology, mobile Internet technology, Internet technology has made after the integration of automation and to the traditional manufacturing industry and process industry gives a new ability, the ability to bring the industry upgrade and optimization of the space, also gives consumers more choices and higher quality of life.
This is also the development trend of numerous automation enterprises.


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