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Good development prospect of industrial automation manufacturing industry 2020-07-25
Industrial automation refers to the information processing and process control of machines and equipment or production processes that achieve measurement, manipulation and other information processing and process control according to expected goals without direct manual intervention.
As the demand of the modern industrial development in our country, has promoted the rapid development of industrial automation, industrial automation products have been gradually replaced by artificial and conventional mechanical and electrical products, which means the industrial automation has developed rapidly in our country, also contains a very good development prospects at the same time, improve the social productive forces, improve the production capacity, quality of work, the use of safety and reliability, convenient adjustment and maintenance.
It brings huge economic benefits to the society and the country and promotes the modernization of Chinese enterprises.

In the present era, the manufacturing industry is also undergoing the transformation of automation.
The company is constantly exploring new technologies, hoping to meet the needs of customers through rapid production and high quality products.
With the rise of Industry 4.0, industrial production processes, robotics applications, software and automation technologies are becoming more and more common in the manufacturing industry.
Industrial control system refers to the automatic technical tools (including automatic measuring instruments and control devices) used to measure and control the industrial production process and its electromechanical equipment and technological equipment.
The software and hardware of industrial automation system can be classified as: automation equipment, instruments and measuring equipment, automation software, transmission equipment, computer hardware, communication network, etc.

Industrial manufacturing automation not only replaces manual and mental labor, but also shows many advantages in machine manufacturing automation technology. First, industrial manufacturing automation technology can greatly improve production efficiency, shorten product production cycle, and provide time guarantee for products to seize the market.
Second, the automation technology of machinery manufacturing can ensure that the product quality reaches the standard and the specifications are unified, in line with the standardized production mode of modern society, and has a good development prospect;
Third, the automation technology of machinery manufacturing can improve the production efficiency, reduce the consumption and use of labor force, so as to help enterprises reduce production costs and improve their economic benefits;
Fourth, the automation technology of mechanical manufacturing adopts standardized production, which can reduce and reduce the consumption of raw materials in the production process caused by human uncertainty factors and reduce the generation of waste, which is conducive to the realization of the national goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.


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