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Development of quality inspection application program for automatic assembly machine 2020-12-30
The circuit board (PCB) is an integrated electronic component, and the information carrier is widely used in various fields.
And technological developments have increased and technological levels, with PCB layers moving in the direction of higher density.

However, the method of automatic assembly machine to automatically detect PCB board in the automatic production site has become a problem for researchers.
Automatic use of optical imaging technology to image processing analysis methods of computer control technology for the detection of printed circuit boards, to provide practical solutions for automatic detection of PCB.

 automatic assembly machine

After researchers, it is based on the previous research, considering their findings, focusing on their research, how to find the image processing algorithm to identify the PCB defect, the defect of printed circuit capable of detecting part of the substrate, defect short breaks burr, defect detection of printed circuit boards, printed circuit board and the use of automatic inspection system of an implementation example of image processing technology.

In addition, the parallel vertical a microprocessor control system, from the assembly line to the printed circuit board line defects and printing method CCD high resolution and wide Angle detection circuit board conflict between automatic image acquisition, method of this project is the width, how to combined the technology of computer vision technology, precision machinery, automatic control technology and image processing technology, still unresolved issues, in order to solve the resolution of the image capture and the contradiction between wide field and how to realize automatic image matching, methods accurate positioning method of two-dimensional table completely vertical computer communication,
Important research on how to detect defect losses and row spacing widths, lines and other issues.

In the experiment, in order to automatically detect PCB and automatic detection machine, a more comprehensive program was provided until some of the above problems were solved well, due to the lack of existing PCB inspection system.


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