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How to adjust the operation after the automatic assembly machine is put into operation 2020-12-17
The general operation of the automatic assembly machine is as follows:
1. Turn off the main power switch, check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal and whether the power indicator is on. After normal operation, proceed to the next step. Turn off the power switch of each circuit to see if it is normal.
Under normal conditions, the equipment does not work, the operation indicator of pipeline equipment is not on, the power indicator of inverter and other equipment is on, and the display panel of inverter is normal.
2. During the operation of the assembly machine, the project rules in the design of the transported goods must be observed and the design capacity of the assembly machine must be protected. It should be noted that all types of personnel should not touch the moving parts of the assembly machine. Non professionals are not allowed to touch electronic components and control buttons.
3. The inverter can not be disconnected during the operation of the hose clamp self-assembly machine. If it is necessary to determine the maintenance requirements, the inverter must be stopped, otherwise the frequency converter may be damaged. When the automatic assembly machine stops running, pressing the stop button can cut off the main power supply until the system stops completely.
4. Start each electrical equipment in turn according to the treatment process. After the previous electrical equipment is started normally, the motor or other equipment has reached the normal speed, and then start the next electrical equipment.
To sum up, when the self-assembly machine is put into operation, these operations can stabilize the normal operation of the whole production line.


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