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Future prospect of characteristic intelligent numerical control system of non-standard automation equipment 2020-08-18
What are the industry characteristics of non-standard automation equipment?
You know there are a lot of industries.
Industries are different from one another, with completely different needs or priorities.
This indicates that to make non-standard automation equipment, you must have a different industry or have a very strong academic ability and a knowledgeable team that can make non-standard automation equipment.
Automation is essential.
The use of automation equipment can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency, but in the actual production activities, not all products can use standard automation equipment production.
In the production of some special products, we need to reference some non-standard automation equipment.
In the future, we will use non-automatic equipment on a large scale.
The use of non-standard automation equipment has effectively improved the overall production level of China's manufacturing industry and effectively driven the development of this industry, which is worth our in-depth study.
On this basis, the characteristics and design of non-standard automation equipment are analyzed.
1. Performance of non-standard automation equipment: the stability of the movement, which has sufficient strength and stiffness to maintain the specified precision of the movement;
Reliability, the equipment under the specified conditions and within the specified time to complete or maintain its specified ability to work called reliability.
The lower the failure rate, the higher the reliability;
Stability of product quality;
Maintain machining accuracy;
Adaptability to the environment;
Easy to use and maintain, simple and safe to operate.
2. Technical performance of non-standard automation equipment: with certain flexibility, can adapt to a certain range of product specifications and variety changes;
It has a reasonable degree of non-standard automation.
Should undertake according to need and possibility comprehensive consideration, must not blindly pursue advanced sex because of physical condition.
Implement standardization, generalization and serialization;
Simple structure, easy to manufacture, low cost;
High productivity, high efficiency and low energy consumption;
(b) Saving of materials, in particular rare and rare metal materials, which must be saved;
Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, do not pollute the environment, emphasize technical aesthetics, and create civilized production conditions;
Leave room for growth and the possibility to improve without wasting the entire machine.

1. Intelligent requirements for numerical control system
The demand of intelligent nc machine tool
From the perspective of manufacturing technology itself, the intellectualization of numerical control system is carried out in four aspects as shown in Figure 4: intelligent operation, non-standard processing automation, intelligent maintenance and intelligent management.
The performance of the machine tool is further improved by adopting various sensors, real-time monitoring and compensation technology.
Japan Mazac, Okuma and other companies in the intelligent aspect to provide a lot of advanced technology, such as spindle vibration suppression, intelligent anti-collision and other functions.
Shenyang Machine Tool I5 numerical control provides feature-based programming and graphical diagnosis.
2. Numerical control system based on cloud platform
In cloud computing university of Stuttgart, Germany put forward on the basis of "global localization (glocalized)" the cloud numerical control system, the concept is shown in figure 5, visible from the figure, the traditional core human-machine interface of CNC system, CNC and PLC are moved to the cloud, local retain only machine tool servo drive and safety control, increase communication module in the cloud, middleware, and Ethernet interface, to communicate with local CNC system through a router.
In this way, there is a "DigitalTwin" of each machine tool in the cloud, where the configuration, optimization and maintenance of machine tools can be carried out, which greatly facilitates the use of machine tools.
The implementation of the so-called controller is the service CaaS(ControlasaService).
Cloud numerical control system concept
Digital twin refers to a particular physical object of digital image, including describe the geometry, materials, components, and behavior of design specification and the engineering model, and it represents the entity characteristic of the production and operation data, become inseparable "partner", is a physical object attributes and status of the latest and accurate real-time image, including shape, location, status, and sports.
The digital twin of the machine tool can exist in multiple information domains simultaneously and has multiple "avatars". It plays the role of scheme demonstration, structure and function verification and performance parameter optimization in the product design stage.
In the planning stage of factory construction, I participated in the completion of layout planning, system optimization and simulation, etc.
In the running stage, the processing status is judged and predicted to realize intelligent control and preventive maintenance of machine tools until the end of product scrap, and even after the existence.
3. Internet NUMERICAL control system and its ecosystem
Under the condition of Internet, numerical control system must become a transparent intelligent terminal capable of generating data, making the manufacturing process and its full life cycle "data transparent".
Through intelligent terminal "transparent", the realization of the manufacturing process of transparent, not only convenient for processing parts, produced at the same time to serve the management, finance, production, sales of real-time data, equipment, production planning, design, manufacture, supply chain, human, financial, sales, inventory and a series of production and management of resources integration and information interconnection.
The development of intelligentization is a gradual process. At present, there are different understandings of intelligentization and no universally applicable solutions.
The innovation of business model of NC machine tool and its real operation must depend on the intelligence and network of NC system.

The future NUMERICAL control system will more and more infiltrate the influence of the Internet into the manufacturing process. Through the accumulation, transmission and mining of data, more and more intelligent manufacturing capabilities will be born. Transparency and sharing will bring earth-shaking changes to the manufacturing industry.

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