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Application and development of automation equipment in new energy manufacturing industry 2020-08-12
In recent years, China's new energy industry has made remarkable achievements, but in order to deal with the huge pressure of environmental protection and emission reduction, in the future for a long time, China's new energy construction and development still have a long way to go, continue to maintain high-speed development will be the inevitable trend in the future.
Based on the development perspective of the new energy industry, this paper briefly analyzes the development of China's new energy industry, and on this basis, further explore the application and development of automation equipment technology in the new energy industry from many aspects.
Development trend of automatic assembly line technology in new energy automobile industry

The development of China's new energy industry is a brief analysis of the development of new energy there are a lot of types, the specific content includes: solar energy, water energy, wind energy, ocean energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy and so on.
Among them, Marine energy mainly refers to: tidal energy, ocean current energy, temperature difference energy and so on.
In addition, new energy sources include "biofuels derived from renewable energy and energy generated from hydrogen".
If there is a simple generalization about new energy, it is "all kinds of renewable energy and nuclear energy".
For the development and construction of new energy, there are certain forms of utilization, such as power generation, while the more widely used power sources are hydropower, wind power, nuclear power and solar power generation.
Wind power is a fast developing power source in China in recent years.
Hydropower, as a new form of energy generation, has a long history of development in China, with the most mature technology, the lowest cost and the largest scale

1. Intelligent tightening equipment and robots are widely used in the assembly line of new energy vehicles

Computer technology is widely used in the production process

3. Adopt a flexible assembly line

The effective combination of man and machine is one of the characteristics of the assembly line of new energy vehicles. In the industrial production of enterprises, the automatic assembly line equipment links the conveying system, accompanying fixture, online special plane and testing equipment into an organic whole, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment.
The development trend of new energy automobile assembly line, new energy automobile drive motor production line, new energy battery assembly line and new energy drive controller assembly line directly determines the production efficiency of new energy automobile and its components.

It can be seen from the development of China's automobile industry that the application and growth of automation equipment will be the development trend of new energy vehicles and machinery manufacturing in the future. As a manufacturing enterprise, it must introduce advanced automation equipment on the basis of the use of general equipment, so as to promote the maximization of enterprise interests and constantly improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

The development of solar photovoltaic power generation is introduced

For solar-thermal power generation, its components are many subsystems, for example, hot, hot, condenser, etc., according to the development of practical the solar-thermal power generation system in China, for large solar-thermal power generation system research is still in its infancy, the characteristics of the present immature, among them, for concentrated subsystem, set heat and the thermal storage system, operation mode is different, each has its characteristics, but, in the field of control, there are still insufficient, especially for control of the project such as flow rate, temperature, an obvious lag.
To some extent, large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation systems still need to be improved, but with the efforts of researchers, this form of power generation has a broad range of development, and the associated automation design, control technologies and models will continue to grow.

An introduction to wind power generation

For a wind turbine, it is systematic and consists of multiple functional blocks, such as the generator subsystem.
As for the functional system, it is necessary to divide the control system to realize the effective display of hierarchical functions.
In the variable paddle system, it belongs to the type of automatic control subsystem, the cost is not high, and it can play the protective role of the unit effectively.
In terms of wind power generation mode, grid-connected wind power is the main mode, but the shortage is more obvious, the safety problem is more prominent, and the power supply quality is difficult to be guaranteed.
Based on this situation, attention should be paid to the construction of a comprehensive wind power dispatching automation system, the realization of the power forecast of different time cycles, and the comprehensive discussion of wind power operation data.
In addition, in terms of wind power generation, technical problems still exist, once the huge scale, affect the stability of power grid operation, under the influence of some factors, some large wind farms in given ability is lacking, ability is insufficient, the wind is often happened, plus wind turbines of the detection and maintenance work, make the application of automation technology and innovation work is more urgent.
Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of these problems, should pay attention to operation mode and the way of large wind farms, better cooperate with pumped storage power station, achieve the goal of joint scheduling scheduling, at the same time, to deepen the study of technology and automation equipment, depth, especially pay attention to the development of the distributed small wind farm in the grid, in addition, the related joint running of heat storage device also nots allow to ignore, also want to accelerate the pace of development.

Comprehensive analysis of solar photovoltaic power generation

Based on the close relationship between photovoltaic system and power grid, solar photovoltaic power generation system is mainly divided into two types, namely isolated network and grid-connected system.
Based on the current reality of China's solar energy development, the main mode of photovoltaic power generation is grid-connected system.
Its own advantages are quite prominent, for example, with low voltage crossing role, can realize the control function under the premise of high power.
Therefore, with the cooperation of this power generation system, its development trend can be shown as follows: adhere to the basic stability of the power grid, accelerate the high-frequency basis of grid-connected inverter, strengthen intelligence, and provide efficiency.
In addition, as for some large photovoltaic power generation, once faults and problems are found in operation, especially complex deficiencies, in the future development, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of automation technology for intelligent decision-making of its system, and at the same time, coordinate with the power generation system in combination with consumption problems.

In general, in recent years, with the development and changes of social economy, China's new energy industry has made new achievements, effectively improving China's energy consumption structure.
Affected by this, the related new energy automation equipment technology also ushered in a new development market, constantly affecting the progress and development of China's new energy industry.
In addition, considering the utilization of automation equipment technology in China's new energy industry, it is still in the immature stage. However, from the perspective of the long-term development of the new energy industry, this kind of automation technology related to new energy will have a good development prospect and promote the new normal development of the new energy industry.


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