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How to choose a good quality non standardized automatic manipulator 2020-12-02
Nonstandard automatic manipulator is a new product of this century. Its appearance liberates the hands of operators. It is a kind of mechanical equipment with high working efficiency. Since it is mechanical equipment, it also has good quality and poor quality. How can we choose a good quality non-standard automatic manipulator when the manufacturer purchases it? Next, I will introduce how to choose it Select non standardized automatic manipulator.
1: Planning ability of planning engineer.
Engineers who plan non-standard automation equipment should have rich planning experience and know many different technical needs and policies. Be able to have very strong distinguishing ability to the production of various technologies, and be able to timely distinguish the key points that should be paid attention to in the production of various technologies, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of equipment production.
2: Good quality equipment commissioning and trial production effectiveness.
After the customized equipment is assembled according to the customer's requirements, it will be repeatedly checked and debugged by the internal engineer to make the equipment have various strategic functions. After reaching the outstanding status, the customer will be informed to carry out preliminary inspection, and the preliminary operation exercise and internal function exercise of the equipment will be done for the customer, and each demand policy will be carried out. The engineer will then go with the equipment to the customer's factory for trial production in the customer's factory to coordinate with the customer's. after the home's electricity or other supplies are ready, the preliminary formal pilot production will be carried out. In the trial production process, the customer operator holds hands and practices on site. The exercise content includes the operation and application of the equipment, as well as the common sense of maintenance and debugging methods. Until the equipment is excellent in the customer's pilot production, and the customer's operator is proficient in the customer's operation and maintenance, it is stopped. After the trial production, the trial production engineer will summarize the trial production according to the trial production situation, and track the working quality of the equipment accurately and in detail. track. After the trial production is completed, the customer signs the preliminary inspection. After one month's operation, the equipment will be inspected. After the inspection, the customer will pay a proper amount of money.
3: The quality requirements of the devices used in the equipment.
The quality of the components used in the equipment should be very high, so the quality requirements of pneumatic components, guide elements, circuit components, control systems, mechanical devices, etc. are very high) the selected suppliers are all world brand suppliers, and the selected original parts are also the components required by the policy after continuous inspection. When we select the non-standard automatic manipulator, we look at the third I believe you have learned a lot about how to select the non-standard automatic manipulator after reading the article. I hope you can choose a satisfactory equipment when selecting the non-standard automatic manipulator.


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