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Protect fully active assembly machine 2020-11-25
Rotating mechanism, disassembled equipment and adjusting machine are operated effectively to ensure machine inspection,
And in a very suitable angle, the nonstandard initiative of the top center line is to ensure that it is parallel to the center line of equipment and gear.
Secondly, it is necessary for our equipment to always check the protection and connection of each component.
If it is loose, tighten it. When the main body is in the tightening state, the non-standard active equipment is used to check the fastening condition of the main body connecting bolts.
All connecting shafts need a cotter pin, which needs to be opened completely. Make the main components slow and smooth.
Third, we need to replace the consumables regularly and eliminate the defects. Then we need to keep the motor running smoothly and keep the motor bearing smooth.
All wires and cables must be checked for damage. It is necessary to organize and replace the damaged parts. Effective extension of machine protection.
Fault detection of active equipment imported from active assembly machine
1. Check all power and air supply of the fully active assembly machine.
Power and air supply problems often lead to problems with fully active assembly machines.
This type of combustion, such as a power supply, has low power problems, including power plant problems, such as poor touch plug active systems,
The air compressor is not turned over, or the pneumatic FRL connection is not opened,
The active detection equipment for waiting current restraint enclosure shall include the following contents: each equipment and power supply, including the power supply required by power supply and gas supply equipment.
2. The active assembly machine checks whether the induction orientation of the fully active assembly machine is offset.
Due to the negligence of the equipment protection personnel, the orientation sensed by the quick opening spool assembly machine may be wrong,
For example, there is no equipment orientation, sensing failure and sensitivity problems. Always check the sensor orientation and sensitivity,
And adjust the time lag. If there is something wrong with the sensor, please replace it immediately. In addition, most of the sensors will be lost after long-term use under the condition of vibration of the fully active assembly machine, so it is always necessary to check the sensor orientation for regular protection.


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