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How to improve the efficiency of automatic assembly equipment and realize efficient production automation 2020-10-17
Automatic assembly equipment USES the baseplate direct asynchronous transmission method or direct positioning method;
According to the operation content and production cycle, the automatic assembly line adopts the production technology of tree structure, series structure and parallel structure.
The station needs to be extended and implemented in stages, and the distributed control method of upper control and unit control secondary computer, coupled with unit control operation panel and fault detection and alarm system, make the whole control system more perfect.
The whole machine assembly line, control, pneumatic and other systems are built with modular structure, reflects the modular, series of design ideas.

The automatic production line consists of distribution system, assembly, detection, aging, packaging and other process system equipment. Each system equipment can be differential line, chain line, accumulative track line, speed increasing belt line, air delivery line, flexible working intelligent special machine and other equipment, equipped with a distributed programming (PLC) combination;
To achieve efficient production automation.

In order to ensure that the automatic assembly equipment is always at the technical level, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, improve mechanical utilization, reduce mechanical wear and tear, prolong the service life of the machine, reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance to ensure safe production.
Strengthen the protection and maintenance of mechanical equipment;

Each team must carry out all kinds of mechanical maintenance work in accordance with the mechanical maintenance plan without undue delay.
In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to share the consent of the special worker before extending maintenance, but usually not more than half of the regular maintenance distance period;

According to the project rules and requirements, maintain auTOWart equipment to ensure quality, not covered or not included.
Maintain the project, properly record the quality of the maintenance and any problems found during the maintenance.


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