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Manufacturing process of automatic assembly machine 2020-11-03
The selection of tolerance level of reference components of automatic assembly machine determines the tolerance zone of reference hole or reference axis and tolerance zone of non reference parts. Therefore, the selection of fitting is to determine the tolerance zone of non reference parts in position, that is, the basic deviation of non reference parts.
For interference fit, the minimum and maximum interference allowed is calculated according to the load transfer and the plastic theory, so as to select the appropriate fitting type. There is no suitable calculation method for transition fitting.
The basic deviation of various codes represents different types of cooperation under certain conditions, so the choice of cooperation is also the problem of selecting basic deviation. There are three methods to select and match the automatic assembly machine: calculation method, test method and simulation method.
The calculation method is based on certain theory and formula to determine the required clearance or interference, for the design of limit and fit, mainly used for the clearance fit and interference fit of automatic assembly machine. For example, for clearance fit of sliding bearings, the minimum allowable ring is calculated according to the liquid lubrication theory. Then select the standard fit type.
The test method is to determine the gap or interference by testing or statistical analysis. The method is reasonable and reliable, but the cost is high, and it is only used for the key cooperation of main products of automatic assembly machine.
After studying, analyzing and comparing similar machines and components, the limitations and cooperation are selected according to the experience of previous scholars. This is the most widely used and main method at present. In the practical work of automatic assembly machine, the most widely used method is analogy method, that is, referring to the existing similar machine or similar structure, the practical verification is compared with the use conditions of the designed parts and corrected. To be determined after correction.


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