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Industrial automation has become the future direction of manufacturing industry in the 20th century 2020-07-16
With the deepening of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the manufacturing industry presents the development of digitalization, networking and automation, and industrial automation has become the future development direction of the manufacturing industry.

As one of the most important technologies in the 20th century industry, automation mainly solves the problem of production efficiency and consistency.

Whether the pursuit of high-speed, continuous and mass large enterprises, or the pursuit of flexible, flexible customization of the central enterprise, all rely on the application of automation equipment technology.
Today's world has been transitioning from product economy to service economy, to an era requiring customer experience -- mass customization, that is, rapid mass production of products in line with individual needs, has become a world-class development trend.
This requires a high level of automation to solve the contradiction between efficiency and flexibility.

The relationship between automation equipment technology and modern industrial enterprises has gone far beyond the scope of improving benefits for enterprises, but has become one of the bases for the survival and development of enterprises.

Industrial automation technology is a kind of control theory, instruments and meters, computer and other information technology, realize detection, control and optimize the process of industrial production, scheduling, management and decision-making, to increase production, improve quality, reduce costs, ensure safety of comprehensive high technology, including industrial automation software, hardware and system three parts.

As one of the most important technologies in the field of modern manufacturing in the 20th century, industrial automation mainly solves the problem of production efficiency and consistency.
Whether high-speed mass manufacturing enterprises or enterprises pursuing flexibility, flexibility and customization, they must rely on the application of automation technology.
Automation system itself does not directly create benefits, but it plays a significant role in improving the production process of enterprises:

(1) Improve the safety of the production process;

(2) Improve production efficiency;

(3) Improve product quality;

(4) Reduce the loss of raw materials and energy in the production process.

According to the statistics of authoritative international consulting institutions, the output ratio of automation system input and enterprise benefit is about 1:4 to 1:6.
Especially in capital-intensive enterprises, automation system accounts for less than 10% of the total investment in equipment and plays the role of "allocating four or two thousands of capital".
Traditional industrial automation system is electromechanical integration system is mainly for equipment and production process control, namely by the mechanical noumenon, power parts, testing sensor, actuator, driving part, control and signal processing unit, interface elements such as hardware, the software program flow of information and electronic circuit logic is the purpose of guidance, coordination and integration, organic fusion, form orderly rules of movement of matter and energy, thus constituting industrial automation system or product.

In the field of industrial automation, the traditional control system has experienced the development of the ground type pneumatic instrument control system, electric unit combined analog instrument control system, centralized digital control system and distributed control system DCS.

With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other technologies, the field of information interaction and communication is rapidly covering all levels from field equipment level to control and management level.
Industrial control machine system generally refers to the industrial production process and its electromechanical equipment, process equipment for measurement and control of automatic technical tools (including automatic measuring instruments, control devices).
Today, the simplest understanding of automation has been translated into the partial replacement or complete replacement or transcendence of human strength by machines in the broad sense, including computers.


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