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The role of automation equipment in the development of science and technology enterprises 2020-07-18
With the continuous rise of modern industrial labor costs and the continuous improvement of automation technology, the automation equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, promoting the industrial upgrading and technological progress of other industries. Its development level is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of a country.
Automation equipment and automation related professionals have gradually increased, automation equipment has made great progress.
The automation equipment market develops very fast, occupies the important position in the social development, the market prospect is very broad.
As a strategic industry providing technology and equipment for all sectors of the national economy, automation equipment manufacturing industry has the characteristics of high correlation, good growth, great lead, etc. At present, automation equipment has been widely used in many fields.

Advantages of automation equipment in production:

First, save production cost, automatic production can produce higher output value, completely replace manual labor operation, reduce the failure rate, automatic machine production equipment can produce more high-quality products and product consistency for the enterprise within the specified time, reduce the cost of working capital.

Ii. Product accuracy

Iii. Rapid production

Automation equipment can shorten the manufacturing cycle and enable enterprises to deliver goods quickly, reduce the loss of raw materials, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market:

1. Greatly improve labor productivity: produce more products within a given working time, and each labor input can create higher output value, freeing workers from routine manual labor and engaging in more creative work.

2. Shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce the quantity of wiP: Machine automation can shorten the manufacturing cycle of products, enable enterprises to achieve rapid delivery, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and reduce the quantity of raw materials and wiP, reduce the cost of working capital;

3. Improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise

4, the use of automation equipment can reduce manpower, reduce labor costs, reliable automation equipment is easier to manage than people.

5. Various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection, visual system or components are adopted in the machine and equipment to ensure the high precision of product production.

6. Product quality is highly repeatable and consistent, which can significantly reduce the rate of non-conformity.

7. Greatly reduce manufacturing cost: The machine automation equipment has a short production time, which can achieve high productivity. Meanwhile, the machine can run continuously, so the manufacturing cost can be greatly reduced under the condition of mass production.

With the development of artificial intelligence and people's demand for a better quality of life, automation equipment is bound to be paid more attention by countries around the world in the foreseeable future.
The application of automatic equipment is more and more extensive, and it plays a great role in the life of ordinary people, which greatly facilitates people's life.
At the same time, automation technology also has a great role in promoting economic development.
With the continuous development of China's economy and society, and the gradual maturity of technology, I believe that China's automation equipment will be more and more advanced, more broad development.


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