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Seven reasons for purchasing hose clamp automatic assembly machine from Xiamen Sinuowei 2018-06-26

1.We are professional in design and manufacture automatic assembly hose clamp machine about 10 years. Our technology of automatic assembly hose clamp machine is mature and reliable.

2.We have sold hundreds of machines already at home and abroad and they are working very well so far. As time went by, our machine become even more sophisticated with higher efficiency and greater stability.

3.The production efficiency is 1000pcs/hour more or less and working accuracy are all much higher than handmade, therefore satisfying the production requirements of new generation manufactures of hose clamp.

4.An automatic assembly hose clamp making machine can be designed as Multi-size according to client's requirement. Maybe two or four different sizes in one machine is available if the structure of clients' hose clamp allowed.

5.The same as another many parameters of machine, Free torque and broke torque of hose clamp can be customized. Our flexibility customization design to ensure all customer's requirements are met.

6.Compared with the traditional manual control manner, this machine has many advantages such as stable and simple operation. Working content is only adding semi-finished product material on hopper every 4 hours.

7.The production is controlled by PLC microcomputer which will records all data and it equipped with human-computer interface to make sure most all the technical parameters can be set on the touch screen.



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