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What are the uses of automatic assembly equipment 2021-02-27
Many enterprises define non-standard automation equipment as non-standard equipment, which is not manufactured according to the unified industry standards and Specifications issued by the state. In fact, this understanding is correct. Generally, non-standard automation equipment is designed and manufactured according to their own needs. In this way, the non-standard automation equipment is generally developed according to the type and production link of the enterprise. Therefore, even the non-standard automation equipment with the same type and function has different shapes and sizes.
1、 Assembly is more important is that you must have a certain basic fitter and electrical knowledge.
2、 Automatic assembly equipment debugging, as the name suggests, that is, after the completion of the assembly, according to the design standards for trial operation and adjustment.
3、 Assembly is mainly for the installation of the equipment designed by the company or a designer. You must master the basic mechanical knowledge. What's more important is that you can understand the drawing, mainly the machinery. If you can understand the circuit diagram, it's better to understand the mechanical terminology and identification.
4、 Automatic assembly equipment must be a combination of machinery, electricity, gas and liquid. Of course, there may be other aspects. At the same time, there are only one or two or three or even four types of equipment. It can be said that it is not a simple structure, otherwise it will not be called automation.
Automatic assembly machine:
1. Electronics: touch switch assembly machine, relay automatic assembly machine, reset health automatic assembly machine, transformer automatic assembly machine, etc
2. Hardware: universal wheel automatic assembly machine, bearing automatic assembly machine, toy automatic assembly machine, gear automatic assembly machine, gear box automatic assembly machine, etc
Automatic assembly machine is also suitable for electrical appliances and automobile industry. Generally speaking, automatic assembly machine will become the trend of factory industrialization.


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