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Prospect of manufacturing process of non standard automatic assembly equipment 2021-01-30
Non standard automatic assembly machine also belongs to the field of automatic machinery. But the difference is that its production is not as simple as the production of standard equipment. Non standard automatic assembly machine is a kind of non-standard automatic equipment customized according to customer requirements. It is designed and customized automatic mechanical equipment according to the requirements of enterprise users. It is easy to operate, flexible and not single. It can customize and add functions according to the requirements of users. Often used in industry, electronic equipment, medical, health and aerospace and other fields.
The secondary purpose of mechanical disassembly automation is to ensure the quality of production and its volatility, improve the rest conditions, improve the rest consumption rate and reduce the consumption cost.
The general requirements of disassembly automation are: large consumption batch of products; good automatic disassembly technology of product structure, such as good separability of disassembly task, easy orientation and positioning of parts, multi-purpose gluing and welding between parts instead of threaded connection, preventing the use of gasket and other adjusting parts; automatic disassembly should have good economic effect. The automation level of disassembly operation often needs to be determined by technical and economic analysis.
The definition of non-standard automatic assembly equipment is the customized, unique and non market integrated automation equipment. It is assembled by the unit equipment manufactured according to the consistent industry standards and specifications published by the state. It is designed and manufactured according to the needs of customers. Different types of customers have different process requirements.
The manufacturing of non-standard automatic assembly equipment is not as complicated as that of common standard equipment. The manufacturing and consumption of common standard equipment can be completed according to detailed rules and process. The non-standard equipment needs to be designed independently according to the detailed application site, industry characteristics, and use. There is no detailed reference model for the design of non-standard equipment, and the small American throat hoop assembly machine.


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