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Which industries need to apply non-standard automation equipment 2021-01-30
Automation equipment covers a wide range of industries, including hardware, electronics, automobile, textile, chemistry, food and medicine, manufacturing and installation of automobile parts in automobile manufacturing industry, production and transportation of packaging in food industry,
The product transportation of electronic and electrical production lines and storage facilities in logistics industry are also widely used.
The most representative industries of these industries are as follows:
Food and beverage processing equipment: automatic beverage production line, food packaging machinery, leisure food processing equipment, canned food processing equipment.
Packaging: automatic sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic film laminating machine, automatic inkjet printer, automatic packaging machine, automatic stamping machine.
Plastic machinery: automatic injection molding machine, color masterbatch sorting machine, color masterbatch weighing machine, plastic deburring equipment.
Plug switch industrial equipment: plug spring piece automatic riveting silver point machine, plug pole piece automatic chamfering slotting machine, micro switch automatic assembly machine,
Wall switch, socket, plug-in switch automatic assembly machine, terminal automatic assembly machine, socket three pole module automatic assembly machine.
Battery industry: Power bank automatic assembly line, automatic laminating machine, battery automatic welding machine, automatic packaging machine, pole piece shelling machine,
Battery hot and cold press, automatic liquid filling machine, pole piece automatic punching machine, battery trimming, folding, and ironing machine.
Automobile industry: automatic grinding and polishing wheel, auto fuse assembly machine, auto production line, auto connector assembly machine
Hardware accessories industry: automatic assembly machine for door and window driver, semi-automatic assembly machine for spring steel ball, automatic assembly machine for hinge, automatic assembly machine for door handle
Door handle automatic polishing machine, crescent lock automatic assembly machine, steering angle automatic bending machine, hardware profile automatic cutting machine.
Mobile phone industry: mobile phone interface automatic assembly machine, mobile phone screen pasting machine, mobile phone shield attaching machine, mobile phone screen pasting machine, mobile phone automatic inkjet printer.
Automatic assembly machine of security lock: automatic drilling and expanding machine of lock cylinder, automatic assembly machine of lock cylinder, automatic drilling machine of lock cylinder, automatic milling and deburring machine of key.
Cosmetic container pump head series: trigger pump head automatic assembly machine, standard trigger pump head automatic assembly machine, chemical agent pump head automatic assembly machine, medical disinfection pump head automatic assembly machine, soft and hard tube assembly machine.
Robot automation equipment: robot automatic welding, robot automatic grinding and polishing, robot automatic recycling.


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