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    3D Printer-WXL-300
    The processing size of the WXL-300 intelligent metal 3D forming equipment is 300 x 300 x 400mm, with a large volume forming size combined with efficient original powder supply and cleaning design. Combined with a fully developed intelligent data processing software, users can independently adjust equipment parameters and flexibly choose metal materials, greatly improving production capacity and work efficiency, and promoting further industrialization of metal additive manufacturing.
  • 3D printer
    3D Printer-WXL-120T
    The processing size of the WXL-120T intelligent metal 3D forming equipment is 120 * 120 * 80mm, which is an industrialized metal 3D printing equipment customized for customers in the denture industry by Sinuowei Automation in deep combination with the core needs of the denture industry. This equipment has high production capacity, high degree of specialization, high cost-effectiveness, and stable system. The processing process can be unmanned throughout the entire process, and fully automatic monitoring and recording of processing parameters. At present, this device is widely praised by the industry for its high efficiency, convenience, excellent service, and cost savings.
  • 3D printer
    3D Printer-WXL-120E
    The processing size of the WXL-120E intelligent metal 3D forming equipment is 120 * 120 * 100mm. It is a customized equipment designed by Sinuowei Automation to promote additive manufacturing in the education industry, in combination with the needs of the education industry. This device has an efficient and original powder supply and cleaning design, combined with a complete set of independently developed intelligent data processing software. Users can adjust the device parameters independently and flexibly choose metal materials. This equipment has a high degree of specialization and cost-effectiveness, and is suitable for various needs in the education industry.
  • 3D printer-120P
    3D Printer-WXL-120P
    The processing size of the WXL-120P intelligent metal 3D forming equipment is 120 * 120 * 100mm, using a 200W fiber laser, equipped with a dynamic focusing, high-precision laser galvanometer scanning system, with an intuitive user interface, open and standardized intelligent software, and improved filtering system. It can provide multiple production process optimization paths, with outstanding advantages, and can meet customer needs faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective.
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