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Automation technology is developing towards integration, intelligence, virtualization and agility 2020-07-21
The application of automation technology in manufacturing in China is developing towards integration, intelligence, virtualization and agility.
As more processes become automated, manufacturers are rethinking their day-to-day operations.
Because they can take on more projects without extra manpower, they are restructuring the way they operate, leading to a gradual restructuring of the entire industry.
So what is the impact of automation on manufacturing?
In order to strengthen the integration function and develop the machinery production, the enterprise will improve on the basis of the original technology to make the whole manufacturing process more perfect and specific.
At the same time, all the relevant production information and technology in the production process are effectively integrated and widely recognized in national production and manufacturing.
Secondly, in order to achieve no pollution, save energy and resources to fully recycle, in order to promote a wider range of reasonable cooperation and competition, intelligent has been applied by enterprises.
The intelligent application enables the system to have strong adaptability and the ability to organize and learn independently, so as to respond quickly and solve the emergent situations in the process of production and manufacturing.
In addition, in the pursuit of integration and intelligence, virtualization of manufacturing technology and the application of agility also become a feature.
The manufacturing technology of virtualization makes it possible to predict and protect possible situations before they happen, so as to shorten the product development cycle and reduce costs. The application of agility enables enterprises to grasp the first-hand market information in time, so as to obtain the best economic benefits in the fierce market competition.

It is far from enough to apply automation technology only in highly intensive, intelligent, virtual and agile aspects. There is still a huge space for the development of automation technology in Our country.
We should constantly learn from foreign advanced automation technology, carry on innovation to our country's technology, strengthen the application effect of automation technology in mechanical engineering, so as to give full play to its potential.
The rise of automation in manufacturing means that robotic labor is taking on the roles that people used to be responsible for.
The result of this shift has been a rapid increase in manufacturing efficiency.
Machines don't need to rest like humans and can work faster.
Manufacturers have faster turnaround times and wait times between projects are reduced.

When it comes to mechanical automation, most people will not be unfamiliar with it, but when it comes to integrated manufacturing technology, most people are not familiar with it.
The application of integrated manufacturing technology in mechanical automation is very important and plays an important role in the development of mechanical automation technology.
Formal integrated manufacturing technology provides a new path for the production mode in machinery manufacturing enterprises.
Inheritance in mechanical manufacturing manufacturing system mainly includes: information management system, quality information system, information system engineering and automation manufacturing system, etc. With the development of the modern network information technology, automation technology application in the enterprise production will achieve advanced network development, and through the network spread rapidly into all walks of life, to the wider development space to expand.
Can predict, intelligent manufacture can achieve high efficiency and precision, but how to deal with simple, the operation of mechanical repetition, and those who think high complexity, high strong creativity and flexibility of service work, still need human competence, is one of the important direction of future workers employment future enterprise manufacturing automation technology development in our country's future will be bright.


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