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Non-standard automation equipment belongs to what industry application status is what is suitable for the use of the enterprise what? 2020-07-23
Non-standard automation equipment is a basic device in production, and plays an important role in many industries, including industry, electronics, medical, health and national defense.

Morphologically classified:

1. Automatic assembly line:

Automatic assembly line drum assembly line, belt assembly line, chain plate assembly line, drying assembly line, differential chain assembly line, plug-in assembly line, assembly line, etc.

2. Automation equipment:

Automatic winding machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic assembling machine, automatic testing machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic laser marking machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic screw locking machine, etc

3. Packaging:

Automatic sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic film sticking machine, automatic code spraying machine, automatic baling machine, automatic bronzing machine.

4. Food and beverage processing equipment:

Beverage automatic production line, food packaging machinery, snack food processing equipment canned food processing equipment

5. Plastic machinery:

Automatic injection molding machine, color master sorter, color master weighing machine, plastic deburring equipment

6. Battery Industry:

Battery automatic assembly line, automatic laminating machine, battery automatic welding machine, automatic sealing machine, pole piece into shell machine, battery cold and hot press, automatic liquid injection machine, pole piece automatic blanking machine, battery edge cutting, folding edge, ironing edge machine.

7. Plug and switch industry equipment:

Plug shrapnel automatic riveting silver spot machine, plug pole piece automatic chamfering slot machine,

Micro switch automatic assembly, wall switch plug socket, plug switch automatic assembly, wiring terminal automatic assembly, socket three-pole module automatic assembly.

8. Automobile Manufacturing Industry:

Wheel hub automatic polishing, auto fuse assembly, auto automatic production line, auto connector automatic assembly

9. Connectors:

Twist needle automatic raw waist drum machine, automatic wire spring hole wear silk machine, pin automatic crimping machine, plug beard needle diameter separator, RJ connector automatically installed, automatic pin machine, automatic fiber group installed, jack automatic machine, twist the needle automatically detect the school place machine, automatic USB group installed, HDMI mother automatic machine, automatic car connector plug end group installed.

10. Mobile Phone Industry:

Mobile phone interface automatic assembly machine, mobile phone screen adhesive machine, mobile phone screen adhesive machine, mobile phone automatic code spraying machine

11. Hardware accessories Industry:

Automatic assembly of door and window drive, spring steel ball semi-automatic assembly, automatic assembly of hinge, automatic assembly of door handle, automatic grinding and polishing machine of door handle, automatic assembly of crescent lock, automatic bending machine of steering Angle, automatic cutting machine of hardware profile.

12. Automatic assembling machine of security lock:

Automatic core drilling and reaming machine, automatic core assembling machine, automatic core drilling machine, automatic key milling and deburring machine.

13. Cosmetic container pump head Series:

Automatic assembly of trigger pump head, automatic assembly of standard trigger head, automatic assembly of chemical pump head, automatic assembly of medical disinfection pump head.
Hard and soft pipe assembly machine.

14. Electronic and electrical industry:

Earphone automatic assembly machine, LED light automatic assembly machine, igniter automatic assembly machine, electrical parts automatic assembly machine, water fountain refrigeration piece automatic soldering machine, skeleton automatic needle inserting machine.

15. Robot automation equipment:

Robot automatic welding, robot automatic polishing, robot automatic feeding.

Non-standard automation equipment application industry

1. Production and distribution in automobile manufacturing industry: Non-standard automation equipment is relatively widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, especially in the production, manufacturing and installation of automobile parts, such as steering wheel, windshield and plate glass deep processing production lines.
Assembly lines for car lights, engines, etc.;

2. Production, transportation and packaging of food industry: With the improvement of people's quality of life, clean and hygienic food packaging has become a new demand of people. The application of non-standard automation equipment can realize the automation, dust-free and sterilized packaging of these foods, making the production efficiency improve at the same time.
Food quality is more guaranteed, the outer packing is more exquisite, also easy to produce and transport.

3, electronic and electrical production line product transport: the production line transport is a common use of many electronic and electrical production, electronic and electrical production line product transport for non-standard automation equipment is an important way of application.
Electronic manufacturing industry is the machine tool industry it has an important role in the popularization of non-standard automation equipment.

4, the logistics industry of warehousing facilities: in recent years, with the development of the electricity, the Courier has been active in front of us, little elder brother is the logistics industry is an industry for the development of space, the goods transfer, sorting, storage of logistics activities such as the use of the equipment often use non-standard automation equipment, in order to improve the efficiency of logistics activity.

The products that this needs to produce are also different.
In this way, there are great differences in different types of assembly processes for production.
Adopting non-standard automation equipment can solve many problems of enterprises.


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