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Machining automatic production line control system and advantages and benefits of what? 2020-08-06
The control system of machining automatic production line is: transmission system, control system.
Among them, the workpiece transfer system of machining and production line consists of machine tool loading and unloading device, transfer device and material storage device.
In the rotating body processing automatic line, the transmission device includes the gravity transport or forced transport of the feed trough or feed path, lift, transfer and distribution device, etc.
Sometimes the manipulator is used to complete some functions of the transfer device.
In combination machine tools automatic line when the workpiece have suitable conveyor base, USES the direct transmission mode, the transmission device has various stepping type conveyer, transfer device and flip device for irregular shape, without proper transmission on the surface of the base of the workpiece, often in a pallet location and transportation, this situation would add pallet return device.

The control system in machining automatic production line is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of machine tools, workpiece transmission system and auxiliary equipment in line in accordance with the prescribed working cycle and interlock requirements, and is equipped with fault detection device and signal device.
There is "pre-stop" control function.
Its working status: adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic.
It can be manually operated and adjusted during the state adjustment to realize each action of a single device.
In the semi-automatic state, the single cycle of a single device can be realized.
The automatic line can work continuously in the automatic state.

Install the benefits of machining automation production line, through the use of nc machine tool and nc machine tool machine combination eventually form a production line, automation and unmanned machining process, can improve labor productivity, reduce costs, and make the production line become a flexible manufacturing system, to meet the requirements of modern mechanical industry automatic production.
The application of machine processing automation production line can replace people to engage in monotonous, repetitive or heavy manual labor, to achieve the mechanization and automation of production, machine processing automation production line instead of people in the harmful environment of manual operation, improve working conditions, to ensure personal safety.

Advantages of installing automatic machining production line

1. Improve the quality of the workpiece, from the feeding, clamping, feeding by the upper and lower CNC machine tool manipulator to complete, reduce the intermediate links, the quality of parts greatly improved, especially the workpiece surface more beautiful.

2. It can protect the personal safety of operators and enhance their sense of safety in production.

3. Reduce human wastage.
If it is manual operation, it is inevitable that there will be no accident, workers injured, or the machine is damaged, or the workpiece is damaged, CNC machine manipulator can basically avoid these problems.

Machining automatic production line is to save human resources.

5. The operation speed of automatic machining production line is more stable, and the working time is longer. It is not interfered by external factors and will not be emotional.
In addition to the fixed production and processing beat cannot be improved, automatic loading and unloading replaces manual operation, so that the beat can be well controlled, avoiding the impact of human factors on the production beat, and greatly improving the production efficiency.

6. The society conforms to the requirements and regulations of labor, insurance and supervision departments, and the production environment of a harmonious society.

Automatic machining production line can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production floor area, reduce production cost, shorten production cycle, ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.


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