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The development of machinery manufacturing industry and the analysis of the advantages and characteristics of automation 2020-07-30
There is also a phased gap between China's machinery manufacturing industry and the world's advanced level.
In China, it is not necessary to have the basic technology, experience and investment ability to develop the "full automation" or "highly automation" of the computer integrated manufacturing system.
And the CIMS technology of full automation or high automation is not the top priority of China's machinery manufacturing industry and can only be listed as the main development direction of machinery manufacturing automation technology.
Automated techniques for mass production with mature processes should be developed.

The mechanical design and manufacturing industry is the foundation of China's traditional manufacturing industry, but the traditional level of mechanical design and manufacturing has not been able to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industrial production.
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and gradually become the center of manufacturing industry.
The rapid and prosperous development of industry can effectively promote the development of economy, so advanced high-tech technology must be used to improve the level of mechanical design and manufacturing.
Modern machinery design and manufacturing has integrated automation technology, improved the efficiency and level of machinery production, so that it has the characteristics and advantages of automation.

Mechanical automation mainly refers to the application of automation technology in the machinery manufacturing industry to achieve the continuous automatic production of processing objects, automatic equipment to optimize the effective automatic production process, accelerate the processing transformation and flow speed of production inputs.
The application and development of mechanical automation technology is the main means and the main direction of technological transformation and progress in mechanical manufacturing industry.
The technical level of mechanical automation, not only affects the development of the whole machinery manufacturing industry, but also has a great direct impact on the technical progress of each sector of the national economy.

Automation technology has developed rapidly in recent years and has been widely applied. Male students majoring in automation can easily find a job.
The combination of automation technology to mechanical design and manufacturing, not only can realize the automation of mechanical manufacturing, and with the further development of mechanical automation in the future, will be toward the electromechanical integration model development.
Electromechanical integration refers to the combination of mechanical technology and electrical control technology, so that the mechanical structure produced more stable and reasonable, better performance.

Improve the safety of machinery production process

The application of electronic technology in the automation of mechanical design and manufacturing has effectively improved the sensitivity of mechanical equipment.
In the process of production, if there is a fault, equipment will immediately alert, and in a timely manner to take some measures to protect itself, thus convenient work personnel to remove the fault in time, reduce the incidence of accidents in the process of production, improving the security of mechanical production process, ensure the personal safety of workers, should be in line with people-oriented, the principle of safety in production of machinery manufacturing.

The mechanical function of production is more complete

Through the mutual penetration and fusion with the automation technology and various electronic technology, the mechanical manufacturing equipment has many functions such as adjustment, calibration and automatic control, and realizes the self-protection function of the mechanical equipment.

The realization of automation of mechanical design and manufacturing makes it have the characteristics of automation. In the mechanical design and manufacturing industry of today's society, it has certain advantages, and the development space of automatic machinery in the future will be broader, the application field will be broader.
Mechanical design and manufacturing automation of the production process and the manufacture of mechanical equipment compared with the traditional have been significantly improved, the production process has become fast and accurate, high safety, mechanical equipment performance is superior, powerful functions, whether to the technology or to the machine can adapt to the production needs of modern industry.
To do starting from the actual situation of China's machinery manufacturing, development and innovation, form a national characteristics of the development of automation technology theory and theory, to around the development of computer technology of flexible automation technology research, on the premise, for the urgent need to solve what you, characteristics and advantages of mechanical design and manufacturing automation analysis, understand its future development trend, this on the current development and application of mechanical automation and the development of the future is important for


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